Mini baccarat – the game for those who like simplicity and don’t intend to lose their funds

Mini baccarat is one of the most aristocratic gambling entertainments that has always attracted the representatives of high society. It’s interesting to notice that firstly they used tarot instead of standard cards, and the structure of the game itself was borrowed from the ancient Etruscan ritual, with the help of which the nine gods were worshiped. Nowadays, mini baccarat online game is very popular in almost every big casino and can be available for everyone. It is played according to the simplified rules of the American version, where the cards are always dealt by the dealer. Also, there are used from 6 to 8 ordinary decks, and cards are added after shuffling in a special box called “sabo”. Then all played cards will be subsequently moved to a special baffle. Mini baccarat is purely a game of chance with no skill or strategy because each player’s moves are determined by the cards that are dealt to him.

Betting rules of mini baccarat online game

The mini baccarat rules are not difficult at all, so even a beginner can figure out how to play it. The main goal of the players is to score a combination of points equal to or closer to nine. Then it is necessary to place a bet which is possible in three variations:

  1. Red circle “Player” – to bet on the player;
  2. Yellow circle “Banker” – to bet on the bank;
  3. White circle “Tie” – to bet on the tie.

After choosing the preferable bet, the players place the chips on the appropriate fields. Subsequently, the dealer deals 2 cards to himself and to the player. If the dealer or the player has collected a natural combination, he will be declared the winner. The third card is issued according to the standard baccarat rules. Finally, the dealer compares his cards with the player’s cards, paying out winnings or withdrawing losing bets.

The difference between mini baccarat and the original baccarat

Mini baccarat is a simple game as the bet is the only action that the player must make. The rest of the operations at the table are carried out by the dealer. As a result, no problems and difficulties will arise even for the one who decided to try the game for the first time. Mini baccarat has almost the same rules and features as the original baccarat, but still, there are some differences that you need to get familiar with before starting to play:

  • Much lower limits and simplified gameplay;
  • The players are not allowed to take the cards, they are dealt only by the dealer;
  • The table is smaller and can be used only by a maximum of 7 players;
  • The players use 6 decks of cards from deuce to ace;
  • The shuffled decks are placed in a “sabo” – a special box for dealing cards.

Mini baccarat can definitely become one of the most favorite games of every gambler as it is interesting and brings a lot of fun. Now it has become very popular especially in online casinos, so you will be able to easily find it and play. If you’re not confident in your knowledge of the rules or strategies, you can always try a free mini baccarat game, that will help you to get enough practice to show the best results during the game for real money.

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