Baccarat strategy to win the game

Baccarat strategy

Baccarat is a very popular card game. The reason for this popularity is the simplicity of the rules. It is believed that the player has no way to influence the course of the game. However, if some features are taken into account, the player’s chances of winning are increased: simply the right Baccarat strategy (for instance, a famous Martingale strategy) should be chosen.

Baccarat strategy or how to win this game

Before starting a game, the player needs to decide on the maximum amount that he is going to bet, as well as on what size of the win, he can claim, based on this amount. This is the best Baccarat strategy and the rules that work for all gamblers. The other important moments are the following:

  • The bets should be monitored carefully.
  • The money for gambling must be divided into separate bets.
  • Playing time must be chosen: short gaming sessions are more effective.
  • After several losses in a row, the player should better leave a casino.
  • Baccarat winning strategies say that it is better not to bet on a tie, as the casino has an advantage over the player in each of the three bets: the bet on the player is 1.29%; Dealer rate – 1.01%; bet on a tie — 15.75%. Therefore, when betting on a draw, the player’s chances of winning noticeably fall, which gives a huge advantage to the casino.
  • Betting on a dealer is actually profitable.

A large number of decks here plays a good role. The more decks, the higher the chance to win is. This is not the Baccarat strategy, but something that can be remembered as good as the game rules.

Popular strategies of Baccarat

An experienced player always knows more than one Baccarat win strategy. Each of them is able to provide a simple amateur game with access to a completely new professional level.

Martingale system

This is a simple double increase of every lost bet. Players in Baccarat have been actively using this strategy for more than 300 years. Later, they also added a Baccarat attack strategy that is almost similar.

D’Alembert system

The sense of it is the following: when the bet is lost, the next bet is increased by one. This progression is used until a positive balance is reached. For those who like to take risks, this Baccarat betting strategy is very suitable. Its main essence is that in the case of a series of wins there is a maximum increase in rates.

Mini-Baccarat strategy

Mini-Baccarat strategy is simple — it is better to bet on a player or a dealer and avoid tie bets. This system will help to avoid extra losses.

Labouchere system

The system is based on the player writing down a series of (preferably sequential or arbitrary numbers that correspond to specific bets or the number of chips. After that, the bet is placed on the amount of extreme numbers. If a player wins, these numbers are crossed out and the next bet is made on the same principle until the end of the series. In case when the bet loses, then the number equal to the losing bet is added to the end of the row. This strategy is perfect for players in Baccarat who play at average rates since it also reduces the risk of large losses to a minimum.

All of these things as well as the terms (like “shoe”, “natural”, etc.) are described in a book for gamblers called Ultimate Baccarat strategy. It can be found online and downloaded for free.

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